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What is solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN ( solidarityTOGETHERNESS ) all about?
solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN is a campaign movement by the Tunas Cendekia Foundation. This movement is one of the forms of social caring and awareness that we show towards the lives of children’s education here in Indonesia. The results of the solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN movement is materialized in the forms of books, school uniforms, stationeries and so forth. All for the benefit and betterment of children’s education in Indonesia.

This movement is mounted because we believe, that Indonesian’s children, no matter where they may be, are the future. Indirectly these children are our children too. They may be friends of our children or even grandhildren. If we want a better future for our kids or grandkids, we must assist these children to be their best guide.

How does solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN work?
Inside each individual that helps solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN, there is a form of caring and awareness that they have once felt before. The help that they receive may be in the form of a scholarship, from a family, company or other people. They have felt how difficult it is to receive decent education. And they also have known how it feels to receive a simple and useful assistance.

It’s exactly these kinds of caring and kindness that they give and transfer back through solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN. With solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN they help in any which way possible be it by giving goods or even sheer manpower. SolidaritasKEBERSAMAAN gives the assistance that the children requires to get through their education.

And it’s also the support and donation of each and every one of these individuals that becomes the main source for us to help these underpriviliged children.

Help that’s actually quite simple and modest. But in reality there’s still many of these children that are still denied them. Things like complete school uniforms, school books, writing books, stationery, drawing tools, may seem plain and simple for us. But believe us…Not to them.

What can you do?
The various modest programs that we implemented, was all realized through the acts of kindness from caring individuals like you, who believe in the power of solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN. What we’re doing is not that difficult. Support and help in the form of only a mere Rp. 10.000 / month can go along way towards helping those children that realy need it.

SolidaritasKEBERSAMAAN is open to everyone regardless of their economical, social status or religious background. If you care as much as we do, let’s together help the children’s education here in Indonesia. If your lives have been touched by a form of caring or kindness in any shape whatsoever and would like to repay that act then we hope that you would join and support solidaritasKEBERSAMAAN. Remember, each and every one of you has the capability to change these childrend’s lives. And also to change the course of this nation for the better.

The Tunas Cendekia Foundation ( Yayasan Tunas Cendekia / YTC ) has a mission to realize awareness, gather and distribute help and assistance towards the improvement of childrend’s education right here in Indonesia.

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